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Shouldn't forceOrientation pause the game when the wrong orientation?


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I'm using the game.scale.forceOrientation to force my game to play always on landscape, showing a image to the player saying that they should turn their phones if it is on portrait.


The problem is: the game is still running in the background even when it is in the wrong orientation. Shouldn't it pause by default?


How could I pause?


It doesn't really have to be a "fancy" pause really, I'm just trying to mimic what happens when you unfocus the window the game is running in.

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not forcing a pause gives the developer maximum flexibility

here's where I'd put pause/unpause code


 enterIncorrectOrientation: function () {


        BasicGame.orientated = false;


        document.getElementById('orientation').style.display = 'block';





    leaveIncorrectOrientation: function () {


        BasicGame.orientated = true;


        document.getElementById('orientation').style.display = 'none';




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