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How to change the speed of current running frames at run time.

Sohail Ahmad

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is there any way to control the game frame speeds at runtime ?

i need to change the speed of "Parallax" frame of the game, that was added when game object initialized.


Code Sample


this.addParallax(360, 'media/Ground.png', -400); 



in the above code, i need to change lets say -400 to -300 at runtime.


Any help?


Thanks in advance.




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Change your addParallax function to return TilingSprite:

addParallax: function(y, path, speed) {    var parallax = new game.TilingSprite(path);    parallax.position.y = y;    parallax.speed.x = speed;    this.addObject(parallax);    this.stage.addChild(parallax);    return parallax;},

Then you can change the speed with:

var sprite = this.addParallax(360, 'media/Ground.png', -400);sprite.speed.x = -300;
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one more thing i got to know.

Gap = game.Class.extend({
    groundTop: 800,
    width: 132,
    minY: 150,
    maxY: 550,
    height: 300,
    speed: -300,
 init: function() {
        var y = Math.round(game.Math.random(this.minY, this.maxY));
        soleGap = this;
        var topHeight = y - this.height / 2;
        this.topBody = new game.Body({
            position: {x: game.system.width + this.width / 2, y: topHeight / 2},
            velocity: {x: this.speed},
            collisionGroup: 0
how to change the speed of this -300 to -400 at runtime (while playing)
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