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Custom Logo Within the Loader

Cary Crusiau

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Is it possible to add a custom logo within the loader? I tried to add one

var logo = new game.Sprite('media/logo.png');

inside the initStage function but received the following error:


"Uncaught Error: The frameId “media/logo.png” does not exist in the texture cache.”


I tried with 'Sprite.fromImage' but received this other error:


"Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function"


TIA for your help!

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You get that error because that image is not yet loaded, you see the loader is there to load that image ;)


I would suggest you to use Data URI's on loader images, example:

var dataURI = 'data:YourDataURI';var sprite = new game.Sprite(game.Texture.fromImage(dataURI));

Online Data URI converter:



In Panda.js 1.3.0 you can easily change loader logo with:

game.Loader.logo = 'MyLogoDataURI';
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Hello again,


Still encountering problems. I'm trying to add clouds going from left to right. So, I added this function in 'scenes.js':

addCloudLeftToRight: function(x, y, path, speed) {var cloudlefttoright = new CloudLeftToRight(x, y, path, {speed: speed});this.addObject(cloudlefttoright);this.stage.addChild(cloudlefttoright);}

And this in 'objects.js':

CloudLeftToRight = game.Sprite.extend({update: function() {this.position.x += this.speed * game.scene.cloudSpeedFactor * game.system.delta;if(this.position.x + this.width > 900) this.position.x = -200;}});

Yesterday, with Panda.js 1.2.0, it was working. Today, with Panda.js 1.3.1, I got this error:


"Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'hasLoaded' of undefined" 

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   I define a new classs as 

Panda = game.Sprite.extend({    path:'meida/panda.png',    interactive: true});

then I add the class to stage

var sprite, text;sprite = new Panda(game.system.width / 2,game.height / 2 - 100);this.stage.addChild(sprite);

browser catch this error:

TypeError: texture.baseTexture is undefined



So how can I fixed this issue,thanks

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