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Plummetting Frame Rate


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Hi Everyone,  


My scene changing in my game in progress 'My Name is Momo' causes

the frame rate to plummet down to 5fps




I've used a profiler to isolate it down to the following event listener type (I have a number of these).

Everything works fine if the player goes through the game at an expected sort of pace. But

clicking through scenes two, three and four, quickly jams everything up. Is there a kind soul

out there who would like to have a look?  Regards Harry

 function Invball(){                if(squareBump(inventory.x, inventory.y, 800, 80, ballclone.x, ballclone.y)){// The Rectangle collision                stage.removeChild(ball);                ballclone.addEventListener("pressmove",function(eve){                eve.currentTarget.x = eve.stageX;                eve.currentTarget.y = eve.stageY;                    });        ballclone.addEventListener("pressup",function snap(){                ballclone.x = 132;                ballclone.y = 570;            });                        stage.update();          }    }            createjs.Ticker.addEventListener("tick", Invball);
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Hi thanks for replies.


I isolated the scenes so that one needed to be complete before going onto the next.

I'd finished the game by the time you guys saw the question.

Thanks for playing and for feedback. I'm encouraged to make my next game weird as well.

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