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Deleting off camera group items


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I'm still figuring out Phaser, and I've made a mario clone that involves shooting bullets at enemies. I'm trying to destroy the bullets after they leave the camera view, but I'm having some troubles. I have tried using


        bullet = bullets.create(player.x, player.y+8, 'bullet');
        bullet.events.onOutOfBounds.add( goodbye, this );

 function goodbye(obj) {


Howevery, this never fires, even after the bullet has left the camera. I think that it might be because my world bounds are much larger than the camera is, so I tried making a function to destroy the bullets after they leave the camera like this:


function checkBullet(){
bullets.forEach(function(item) {

   } });}


However this kills the bullets immediatly, which I also don't want. Is there a better way that I can go about this that will actually work?

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The invaders example shows a nice way of managing bullets.

I just adapted it for an "Asteroids"-like game I'm making it. I had to add one line though (otherwise it would run out of bullets, not being killed I believe.)

    bullets.setAll('checkWorldBounds', true); // <- extra line to make it work    bullets.setAll('outOfBoundsKill', true);

I'm running into a different problem with this code though... I want to "shoot" elements from outside the screen, and I want them killed when they exit the screen... this method kills them at creation.

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in my game bullets fly through the camera view ..  i create them at game.camera.x + game.camera.width      (at the right side of the screen.. you could add a few pixels to create them outside of the right bounds


and then i kill them when they leave the camera view on the left side with

 if (bullet.body.x < game.camera.x){bullet.kill();}

i know this is a very easy to handle setup...


otherwise you could stop killing them in combination with bounds and give them a lifespan instead..  


thats what i do with my fireballs:


and then i start a timer with the same timespan

fireball.timer.add(2500, particleBurst, this, fireball,1);

which creates smoke when the fireball "dies" :)

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