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Play a sprite animation starting in the middle?


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I have a jump animation and a midair movement animation.
The jump animation is 5 frames long, and I want it to play all the way through when the player jumps from a grounded state. However if the user jumps starting from the ground, then starts to move left or right, it plays the midair movement animation. Now, when the user stops moving, I want to transition back to jumping, but starting at frame 4 or 5 of the jumping animation.

sprite.play(name);sprite.animations.frameName = frameId;

I've also tried using animations.frame = number, but no luck with that either. I just need to know if there's a play, but skip to frame method that I'm not seeing.

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Maybe create multiple animations with different names for the jump. Then keep the standard jump animation but if jumping and velocity is + or - then play another animation with the fraames required. Then the falling animation can be created to play when the velocity on y is + or -.

Basically, split it into multiples, set the velocities per animation and test.

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