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Hello World!


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Hello! I have been looking at Pixi.js for a while, and want to give it a try!

While I am learning more and more JavaScript I realize how little I know about it...


I would like to try out Pixi.js by building a 360*Movement top down spaceshooter example. And figured I ask a Noob question:


Is there some Collision Detection via bounding boxes, rectangles and circles already build in?


Since it is using WebGL, am I to understand that things are rendered on Flat 4 vector planes?

(I know some ThreeJS, that's why I am asking. I think Play Station 1 games that are in 2D did this, because of how the engine was designed.)




Hope to have fun here :-)

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No problem.


Btw since you are asking for a complete game tutorial ... remember that Pixi.js is "just" a 2d rendering engine. Maybe you are better off with a full featured HTML5 game engine. Just an idea !?


Noo !

I just had to understand what pixi.js is a little more :)

Because it does add sprites and textures.

Acellerated Rendering, gotcha - meaning that gamelogic  speed is not changed right? That still uses the cpu afaik

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