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Tilemap problem collidin with layer


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Hello to everyone!!


I am making a small 2d  rpg / rogue like game.


I have make a map with two layers. One of the layers got the property collides.


So i do this in the create method;


    map.layers.forEach(function(l){      var layer=map.createLayer(l.name);      if(l.properties.hasOwnProperty('collides')){        map.setCollisionByExclusion([],true,layer);      }            layer.resizeWorld();    });    this.map=map;    

Then in the update method i add the collision;

// 1 is the ground layerthis.physics.arcade.collide(this.hero, this.map.layers[this.map.getLayer('wall')]);

I have make it work with other code, but why this isnt working?


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