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(Level Design) What's the best way to achieve such


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Hi guys, always wanted to create a game cuz i love gaming to death and lucky blessed to know Programming, I have experience with JavaScript alot and Processing so i have an idea of Canvas and similar Immediate Mode type. And first of all Phaser is just awesome within few weeks i understand the States and love it, but my biggest issue is having an idea of how to create a Level like this.



(Image is not mine)

I have thought of having one large TileSprite and using the move camera, however I am bothered about the performance implication, rendering item not in the viewport. I won't mind pointers from experienced devs on how to go about it, My concept was to break the Maps into separate stages and change state when the users approach a certain point. Thanks all

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Thanks for the reply, the reason i asked is because i was looking at which pattern was more suitable out of the options.



1. TileMap 

2.  or creating it like the PhotonStorm tutorial



any there any memory implication from TileMap games ? sorry if this sounds n00bish .

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I dont think so...


The tiled map will export your map to a json file, is basically a array that represents layers, and each layer is an array of numbers that indicate which tile should use.


The memory that you use depends in the size of your map, example;


If you got a map of 100 tiles width and 100 tiles height, the framework will create in memory 1000 of tile objects.

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