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Quiz Game with SQlite Database


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Hi there, there are sometime I want to make a quiz game using a database the one I want is in the style of this game:




I've looked into several tools but when I saw pixi I fall in love.


The game consists of several screens, menu screen, questions screen and credit screens, the questions would sit in a database I wanted to use sqlite, I've made many searches trying to discover the logic behind a game of this kind, I figured out how to store questions in a database and things like this, but I would like to know how to show this questions on the game, and how to determine correct answer, also I don't know how to do menu screens and how to make transitions between screens. Any help with pseudo-code or the logic behind this kind of game is really appreciated. Thank you very much.


Best regards,



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Sounds like you don't know anything at all and are looking for someone to code that game for you.

A quiz game like that doesn't need pixi, it would run much smoother with just css(3) and would support a wider range of browsers.


Pixi is more something for complex rendering, not for showing 5 boxes on a screen.

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Sebastian may be assuming a bit too much about your motivation and knowledge, but I do agree with him in that you don't need Pixi to make a quiz game like this.  However, you could build the basics of a quiz game with what would be essentially an MVC approach and then dress it up with simple animations and fancy images whose rendering is powered by Pixi.


If it is true that you are not yet well versed in JavaScript, you might want to look at some of the engines that do a lot for you, such as Construct2 or GameMaker (in these cases perhaps you would most likely not use Pixi).  If you are fairly well versed in JavaScript then you might want to try AngularJS for building your quiz game.  If you are very good at JavaScript then you might want to use Backbone or something similar to power your MVC architecture.  Pixi could be intertwined in this effort.

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