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Setting emitter scale to a constant, rather than a range


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I've observed (both from trying it, and then looking in the code - the check comparing the min to max is there) that  if you try to set an emitter's scale's min to the same value as the max,  it ignores the request.


I can hack around this by doing something like


emitter.minParticleScale = 0.05;
emitter.maxParticleScale = 0.0501;
but that seems goofy.  Is there a 'proper' way to set the scale as a constant?  


Also, as an fyi, I used to do this when I created the emitter to set scale - which no longer works in 2.0.3 ... not sure if that's intended, just passing it along as a heads up.


emitter.forEach(function(item) {
  //this doesn't work anymore in 2.0.3
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