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Choosing between PandaJS and Phaser


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Hey there,


I am currently developing a game making system so it is important that I choose the right engine/framework.


I can see PandaJS supports Windows Phone 8 from the website, this is something that sounds particularly awesome for my game making system.

Phaser appears to considerably more popular though, why is this?

What advantages and disadvantages does one have over the other, if any?

I am looking to develop a system that is as cross platform as I can get it so PandaJS looks like my best bet. Though, I want to hear from people who have used these tools. Also, what is the purpose of the ImpactPandaJS thing? I do not understand what this was and what the point in it is. BUT I have got Windows Phone 8 and HTML5 sorted instead of just HTML5 then that seems pretty awesome to me at the moment.


If it makes any difference, my game making system generates Javascript code which is then opened in a web browser. I originally started using EaselJS and I was successful with that. But EaselJS is not really a game engine or game framework and I felt that it would be more productive for me to switch over to other engine.



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Thankyou very much for your unboised opinion. I did not know if they both would be as good and not really have advantages over each other. I have chosen PandaJS simply because I have already spent a little time using it. And by the sounds of it. It would be a waist of time to make a switch.

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