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Using Phaser with IE9 - windows 7 - will not run


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I need help to get Phaser to run on IE9 windows 7.  I am using the Hello Phaser example to test. Compatability view is not active.


I am using phaser-arcade-physics.min.js  (Phaser v2.0.3 )


It works when testing IE9 in development tools in IE12.


It does NOT work with IE9 on windows 7




It works when testing IE9 on windows 7 with development tools open.


It works when testing IE9 on windows 7 with  Phaser v1.1.3





Any help would be much appreciated.









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I would also try Rich's suggestion. This really smells like the famous IE console.log error which is nearly impossible to debug for someone not knowing. I don't have an IE9 at hand so I can't really help with this for now. The method showDebugHeader() which uses the console.log should have triggered an error before in IE9 for someone shouldn't it ?

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Yeah I agree. I used to have a console.log shim in the Utils class, but it caused more trouble than it was worth. Either way I've updated the core Game file to check window['console'] before using it, so it should avoid this in the future. However Pixi throws some console.log errors which I can't modify, although only for coding related issues (like removing children from a container that don't exist), so should be fine in a "clean" game.


If it's not the console I'm stumped, as any other error I'd expect to see in the dev tools.

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