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HTML5 - death of small portals?


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So only chance to make arcade portal with HTML5 games for small publisher without budget is to iframe it from some huge publisher.

But this method is really vulnerable. Provider could one day simply stop providing or change the games and you will end up with huge amount of dead games.

Are there any alternatives?


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Of course there is. There's SO MANY OPTIONS OUT THERE, I don't know where to begin.


Lots of content is, like you mentioned, iframeable with their permission, which is the easiest. http://Clay.io has plenty of these.

Other content, may be shareware, so you can upload their game to your portal, and the in-game ads support the original creator.


Additionally, content is able to licensed from developers (like TV). Normally done on a per-game basis, and up-front, though there are many options as to how that's done too.


Lastly, you could even commission a developer to make a game for you. When you do this (assuming you've set your contract right) you then own all the rights to the game, and could even license it to other portals looking for games. Or, just release it with your branding and ads on it.


Are there any alternatives? Of course there are. I'm sure there are things I've left out as well. 

And what of the things yet to come? Perhaps new models of portals will come. Maybe the definition of portals will change? Who's to say? 



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