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Some kind of standard approach to different screen formats/sponsors QA?


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Wasn't sure if this should go in the Sponsors/Portals section or here, but something that's put me off HTML5 games recently (after my initial enjoyment of using it) was been the complete mess there seems to be of the situation regarding how to handle various screen formats/devices/browsers, and on top of the basic technical issues of that, there's the issue that different sponsors have different standards so some might want your game to display an orientation msg, some might not, some might want your game to work on a 2 year old browser some might not and so on.


I noticed a lot discussion going on about that here 




So I was wondering can't we have some kind of universal approach to a) technically how it should be handled in Phaser, and b ) a general set of screen formats/devices that Portals/sponsors sign up to. So when making a HTML5 game, we can look at the standards and then look to see who's signed up and know that as long as we make our games run correctly by those standards, that those portals/sponsors would be cool buying it and it will get through their QA process.


This will also be beneficial to the portals/sponsors as it will mean an easier QA for them.


As well as the above, maybe we can all somehow form some kind of testing team for devs who don't have all the devices required?


I really think this is one of the main things holding HTML5 game development back, but it's something with a bit of organisation can be solved.


What does everyone think?

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