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My game doesn't work on IE

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I ran into this a while back.

The float32array is in the p2 physics and ie10 does not support this. You probably have this line in your index if you have based it on the included Phaser examples.

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="chrome=1, IE=9">

Change it to IE=11.

Note it still won't work on IE10 but, unless you need the p2 physics, you can use the Phaser build that doesn't use P2 and it will work on IE9+ Not sure about the other physics systems.

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Edit: Did not read thoroughly enough. Spencer is right, you should ensure that IE is not running in IE9 mode.


Anyway I keep my post here for reference:

Float32Array is supported by IE10 as any other typed arrays are. Although you need to care for IE9.


Here is a related github issue



You can mimic a typed arrays by using a so called polyfill. Do not expect the best performance. And do not use it with the bleeding edge of phaser- as there are currently typed arrays in use for bitmaps- which would blow the polyfill as they are far to large to handle. Instead use the latest released version of phaser (2.0.3) 




Good luck!

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You're right, my mistake. In my case it didn't work on IE10 and blamed the typed array but that was because I had the other line set to IE9 and so was forcing the browser to work like IE9, which was solved when I changed it. Later I avoided the physics because my project didn't need it anyway and that allowed it to work on IE9 too without any other solution.

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