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Changing site from arcade to another thing. To what?


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Hi, guys.


I own the domain plicatibu.com (Plicatibu is the name of my enterprise).


Currently I'm using it to run an arcade site. As I don't have time to do both run the site and learn/develop games, I decided to go with the latter.


My doubt is: should I transform my arcade into a site that shows my portfolio? Or should I move my blog from blog.plicatibu.com to plicatibu.com?


Also, I sponsored many games that bring some traffic to the site. In case I change it from arcade to another thing, what should I do with this traffic?


For the games the play more button won't make sense anymore. I'm thinking to sell it to other arcade owners. What do you think?


Thank you for your opinions.

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Why do you need so much time to run an arcade site? Just put 4-5 new games each week, shouldn't take more than 2-3 hours.

In your case (that's what I also plan to do in the near future), keep arcade, make portfolio site at plicatiblu.com/license or something similar and put links to it in your sponsor email conversations and as signatures in forums, and keep your blog where it is. My Flash portal (never updated and currently down) had 30 games or so, and I got over $2K in ad revenue in 4 years just from a clickable developer intro from a sponsored game.

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The time issue is because my daily job the consumes a lot of time.


Maybe you're right. Instead of 4-5 I may just put 1-2 new games a week.


I'll consider this idea.


By the way: why is your arcade down? If it consumes not much time you could let it up and running ;)



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