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Problem to load meshes online


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Hello there ! (:

This is my first topic and post on this forum, I practise WebGL (started with Three.js) few month ago and I discovered babylonjs, the more "game-oriented" aspect is very pleasant, thanks for this nice framework :D


I have play with some elements (cameras, lights, skyboxes, etc), following tutorials on github, and now I want to load meshes.

I heard that you can't load meshes locally and have to put your files online ? I have downloaded "LoadScene" ZIP and tried to run locally, failed. I put it online, success. Cool.


So I decided to apply this method to my project, but I got strange errors, like "TypeError : array is undefined", inside my babylon.js file.

I discovered I can load a scene (I kept scene.babylon) only with babylon.js script in ZIP, not with babylon.1.11.js or babylon.1.10.0.js. But I don't know which version is (source here from this tuto : http://www.babylonjs.com/tutorials/blogs/loadScene/loadScene.zip)


I is a problem of compatibility from older version of babylon.js ?


And could you explain me how to load a file online ? I mean, why the LoadScene example works perfectly without setting Mime types, .htaccess, nothing.. And why it doesn't work with babylon 1.10+ ? :/


Thanks in advance for your responses ;)


See you soon :D


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Hi Pouet, welcome to the forum.  Good to have you with us.


    I am not an expert, but scene.babylon is very old.  Here is what I did.  Go to https://github.com/BabylonJS/Samples and choose "Download ZIP" in the lower right corner.  Maybe you already have the master samples, though.  See the sample called Blender?  Load that file (blender.babylon) instead.  I think it will work better.  Be sure to put all of its files in the right place.




I made a zip file for you, with all the files for blender.babylon in it, and also babylon.1.11.0.js, and also hand.minified-1.3.7.js, and I adjusted the script tags in loadScene.html for those newer files.  You can download it here


When I made a folder on my webserver using the things in this zip, and then browsed to loadScene.html, everything worked for me.  (except for a little error about a manifest file - which did not cause the scene to fail).




I think... http://www.babylonjs.com/tutorials/blogs/loadScene/loadScene.zip ... is old, and needs to be refreshed with a new scene.babylon and some newer versions of babylon.js and hand.js.  Again, welcome to the forum and to babylon.js.  Take care.

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