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Some questions regarding non exclusive deals


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Can any1 tell me how does this actually work. You sell a game to a sponsor.

DO you have to yourself distribute the game with sponsors logo or is that done by sponsor themselves.

Do sponsors have right to put advertisement on your game and  distribute to other portals.

IS desktop license and mobile license of the same game sold separately?

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1) They should distribute it yourself (because it's next to impossible to do it yourself right now, there's no easy html5 channel like there is for Flash)

2) Depends on the contract, usually yes to the ads, no to selling it elsewhere

3) Depends on the contract, usually I sell them as 2 different things

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@Sandy234 you have the game they have players :) this is how it works.

alone you'll never get 10% of players of what a "good" published can have for your game .

so if you want to make money from displayed ads on your game you have two solutions


1 - distribute your game yourself 

2 - opt for a revenue share contract



and both solutions are not ideal to make money from your games.


your best option is to sell many non-exclusive licences at reasonable prices (500$ to 1000$)

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