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Show time is comming - HTML 5 sponsors or mobile market?


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Hi, all.


Finally my HTML 5 game is ready (well, almost. It's missing just the about screen and the definitive assets).


Right now I contacted some artists asking for a quotation.


What do you think:


should I try to sell licenses of it to sponsors and then integrate it with CocoonJS to delivery mobile versions of the game or should I do the vice-verse, i.e., first delivery the mobile version and later on try to sell it to sponsors?


To say the truth I'm worried about start selling the game to sponsors because both I don't have experience to fix the problems with all devices (the most problematic point of selling an HTML 5 game) and because I need to make some money.


Maybe the time expended trying to fix the game could be better used marketing the mobile version.


I'm all ears.




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I intend to be in both market. I just don't know what's the better one to start with.


Mobile marketing is easier to get in but is harder to make money. Sponsoring is harder to get because of problems to make the game work on all native browsers, but once it's done it's good money.

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That's true. I understand where your at. It took me a while to get a handle on the sizing issues. It's the portrait based games that are the most difficult. Some developers, I've noticed, make there games to remain the size designed for mobile phones and just make them center in screen when they are on larger devices, like tablets and PC's. I didn't want that. It wasn't until recently that I was able to resolve all my own sizing issues. I used C2 to develop my games and I've been trying to help others with same issues. It can be a lot to get your head around but worth it.


Just some advice; I have a lot of devices to test with, if you don't have enough to devices to test with, use online emulators. You can google it.

Once you feel comfortable with your sizing, get some feedback from other devs. Proceed slowly with sponsors. You'll find there's other issues  or standards they have. Take a look at Alex Krug's post from softgames.de post here on this forum. Don't get dismayed, you might not meet their standards, but get as close as you can. That way you'll have the best chance for success with most publishers.


Good Luck

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Hey Guys! 


Sorry I just have a quick question for the Neoprofessor about developing with C2, do you find it a flexible enough system to produce decent games that can be sold to sponsors? I only ask as I have been playing with the free version and saw thinking about purchasing a licence.



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