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Mopub performance


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1036 impressions per month ? per day ? per year ? :D


I had a customer making 10$ a day for 12k impressions/day and that was a low rate (it was not just a gaming portal) with some optimisation he reached 30$ a day.


can you give a link ? it'll be easier to help you if we see what you are speaking about in all your topics ;)

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I dont care about money from this game. I wanted to acess performace. Admob currently has 500 impressions and it made o.43$ whereas mopub just made 0.2 with 1.3k impressions. I wanted to ask if you ppl had good sucess with mopub.

Want to make sure to go with good provider for my upcomming game on mobile.

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MoPub isn't really an ad service, it does have a marketplace where you can earn money showing ads from there marketplace, and i think that performs better with native apps (not 100% sure on that) but really i wouldn't use MoPub as you provider of ads. I would use LeadBolt, AdMob, RevMob, Adsense and others and then use MoPub to add them accounts to MoPub and then you can use MoPub to server ads from the best provider at that time without having to change code within your game. If adsense is performing best in one game but worse in another, one you can change the ad provider to try and getting better earnings, or you can see wwhats wrong with the game to not be earning the same sort of revenue.


That said, if your saying the game is crap and you are getting under 2000 impressions over 3months, then your lucky getting $.02 :P Work on making quality games and trust me, the daily earnings can be hitting £50 (about $80) + a day.

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