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Sprite loader error


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Hey guys,


I just started with panda.js and have some problems using spine.

My code causes a loading error, but as far as I know 'game.addAsset' is preloading, right?


I would be glad if someone could help me out, maybe I just cant see it...



Uncaught Error: Spine data must be preloaded using PIXI.SpineLoader or PIXI.AssetLoader: spine/papapino_spine.json 

My code:

game.module(  'panda.animation').require(  'engine.core').body(function() {  // Load assets  game.addAsset('spine/papapino_spine.json');  game.addAsset('spine/papapino_spritesheet.png');  game.addAsset('spine/papapino_spritesheet.json');  Panda = game.Class.extend({    init: function(x, y) {      this.sprite = new PIXI.Spine('spine/papapino_spine.json'); // Loading Error here      // ... and so on    }  )}};
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game.module(    'game.main').body(function() {game.addAsset('papapino_spritesheet.png');game.addAsset('papapino_spine.json');game.addAsset('papapino_spritesheet.json');SceneGame = game.Scene.extend({    init: function() {        var panda = new game.Spine('papapino_spine.json');        panda.position.set(200, 500);        panda.play('walk', true);        this.stage.addChild(panda);    }});game.start();});

This code works for me, using latest 1.5.0

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Well, I still have the same issue. And I cant tell you something new at all.


I still have this error:

Uncaught Error: Spine data must be preloaded using PIXI.SpineLoader or PIXI.AssetLoader: spine/papapino_spine.json 


Maybe, it is the spine data itself. Maybe it is corrupted, I will try something new.


All in all, I think the whole spine usage thing is quite difficult to handle. Could you or someone else write a plugin, that make it easier to handle.

I would like to have a simple method call with the urls that loads, constructs and returns the spine object.

new SpineObject({spritesheet: 'papapino_spritesheet.png', spinedata: 'papapino_spine.json', spinesheet: 'papapino_spritesheet.json'});//Does this plus animation handler//game.addAsset('papapino_spritesheet.png');//game.addAsset('papapino_spine.json');//game.addAsset('papapino_spritesheet.json');//return new game.Spine('papapino_spine.json');

I think handling this is something very time consuming in every spine using project.

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