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Getting Started Web Audio API


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Hmm, this worked 2 days ago, tried it today and got an error.  I typed the Sound.js exactly as you have yours, but I added looping capabilities, but I swear it was working 2 days ago, and I haven't touched it until now...


I just got an error on the that.volume = audioContext.createGainNode(); line.

I inspected (console.log) the audioContext object and saw that there was a .createGain() but not .createGainNode(), I changed it and got a new error

on the playSound.noteOn(0); line. Upon further inspection I saw that it no longer existed and so I replaced it with playSound.start(); and that fixed it.


So I'm wondering if there was an update to the web audio api?

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Sorry I've missed updating this post.


Yes, the Web Audio API has been updated in both Chrome and FireFox. The term "node" is being dropped from most of the commands, so createPannerNode would now be createPanner and the webkit prefix is being dropped from AudioContext. It's still there for Safari, though.


Basically, it's being broken again in order to be fixed. Don't you love HTML5 :)

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