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game.timer.event & scope


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I have a query about using game.time.events


When I use this, I think I'm losing the scope of where the event is set as this code:

game.time.events.add( 100, this.doStepBoost );

gives this error:


this.doStepBoost is not a function (removing the this doesn't remedy the issue).


I'm sure this is because I'm using the event incorrectly, any pointers as to where I'm going wrong?

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Why not use the callback context, which is the third parameter?

game.time.events.add(100, this.doStepBoost, this);

In this case 'this' in the callback will be set to the third parameter, which is 'this'.

You can also use closures:

var that = this;game.time.events.add(100, this.doStepBoost);

and inside callback:

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