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Creating a sprite without adding it (and its body) to world (p2)


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I would like to create a sprite (with a texture and a polygon body) without adding it to the world.

I know that without game.add.existing(myEnnemy); it will not be shown, but his body IS in the world (yeah that's strange).


Thank you :)


Edit: I would like a kind of SpriteFactory actually with the ability to create multiple instance of the same sprite.

Like this:

Ennemy = new Ennemy(x,y, key, body);var ennemy1 = Ennemy.createNew();var ennemy2 Ennemy.createNew();var ennemy3 Ennemy.createNew();

But it seems a bit complicated.

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Rats, hit enter too soon.


game.make.sprite will create a Sprite and not add it to the world. If you want to give it a P2 body but not have the P2 body added to the physics world you currently have to do it like this:

var yourSprite = game.make.sprite(x, y, ...);yourSprite.exists = false;game.physics.p2.enable(yourSprite);

The 'exists' false will still give the sprite a body, but the body won't be added into the simulation.


This is far easier to wrap up when done in your own class.

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Oh nice. Thank you.

Now the problem is that I don't want to make a sprite but a custom class that extends Sprite.


Edit: Oh, this second answer is quite making me happy. I already tried mySprite.exists = false; but noticed that the body was still in the world, I didn't know I should have done it BEFORE enabling physics (and it works like this).

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