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Anyone working on "Spine" support?


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Hi all,



I'm working on a game using PIXI.js. I want the best possible quality for my game and came to the conclusion that using frame by frame sprite animations for my characters is not satisfying me. It would also take too much time to design each frame and not enough flexibility (characters wearing dynamic visible items etc...).


The solution for my problem was brought by "Spine's 2d skeletal animations for games". (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/esotericsoftware/spine) It's perfect and easy to use. This is what I need for my game.


The software exports in JSON, which is great. Spine runtimes already shows some examples with some of the other Javascript libraries out there. (http://esotericsoftware.com/spine-runtimes/)


Now I was wondering if anyone is already working on Spine support for PIXI? If not, I might give it a try.






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@Eselia In fact I would prefer a clean implementation for this as well. Because I know mine won't be that clean, looking at the code that's already out there it actually looks quiet complex. Not really my cup of tea.

@blackmoondev Good to know. Great to see html5 gamedevelopers adapting the software. I hope to see it's community grow.




They'll be adding official Spine support to PIXI! Great news!


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