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How to scene.pick objects behind others ?


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Hi everybody,


My camera is in a "room" (a big cube), and I'm using scene.pick to fire some actions on objects touching.

In some views the camera is outside the cube, we can still see inside since polys are one sided, but unfortunatly I cannot reach my objects with scene.pick anymore (the big cube is reach instead).

Is there a way to let the events go through the cube to touch other objects ? (I tried to play with event.preventDefault but with no luck)


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Now I have implemented my clicks/events stuff with ActionManager (so coooooool !!!! I love it), but same problem when I go outside the main cube, my touch events are caught by the cube and not the objects anymore...

How can I get rid of that ? Maybe a way to tell my cube object "do not catch event please" ?

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Great, great, great...

Everything is in this game engine yet :wub:


And, just in case (I don't need it but one day for sure...), is there a way to pick an array of all objects under the mouse (z-depth sorted for instance) ?

If an object is picked, the event doesn't go further, right ? Can we let the event go through all objects while triggering each one ?

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