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Scaling & Blur


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Hello all... new to Pixi.js, love what I have seen sofar!


Surprised at how easy it was to set pixi.js up the first thing I tested for myself was the scaling part...

and... it scaled!   \o/


unfortunately it blurred aswell!


Could anyone tell me if you can adjust this manually like you could for canvas?

ctx.imageSmoothingEnabled       = false;
ctx.webkitImageSmoothingEnabled = false;
ctx.mozImageSmoothingEnabled    = false;


If pixi already provide this.. I was unable to locate the answer on the forums/docs.




Please keep up the great work pixi!


Thanks for reading.

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Unfortunately it does not provide unfiltered scaling yet :(


Everything scales linearly by default (or bicubic for canvas), that there is no way to change it to nearest neighbor scaling built in. I have been hacking in a solution until an official one is released.

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I'm working on a patch right now that I am about to submit, allowing you to set a filter parameter on a per-texture basis.


Ah yes! I was thinking I could have a renderer parameter? smooth true/false keep it nice and simple


Looking forward to this!  Thanks for the response :D

A small followup question; now I have no knowledge about anything related to the GPU... (or math for that matter :P ) is/can this scaling be done by the GPU or will this always be a CPU task?



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When using WebGL, it will be a GPU task. When using Canvas it will be a CPU task (not 100% sure on that).









is it you're not 100% about canvas because even though webGL is not supported for drawing it could still use the GPU for calculations?

Also the link you added, is that a suggestion awaiting approval or an actual update?


sorry for the newbee questions!


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