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Blender export scaling and postioning issue - not responding


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Hi all,


Firstly - a quick howzi from a newbie!!! - just moving over from Three'js and experimenting with Babylon, lovin it so far...


I'm havin a small issue getting my blender export to listen to scaling and position commands.


var newMeshes = [];
        function importedMeshes(mesh) {
            mesh.position = new BABYLON.Vector3(-10, 0, 0);
            mesh.scaling = new BABYLON.Vector3(19.025, 19.025, 19.025); 
        BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh("", "GalleryAssets/room/", "Room2.babylon", scene, function (newMeshes) {


Room2 is appearing but won't resize or listen to any postioning commands.

It was originally a 3DS file that I imported to blender and exported to Babylon (long winded but worked kind of ok for my Three.js project.)


( i tested an import from my three.js (Json) file into blender and then exported for babylon - THAT responded to the above code for scaling and positioning, BUT lost all info (meshes etc and just showed black walls in the correct shape and position)


Anyone see anything I'm doing wrong?

Is it something I need to do in Blender first?


Thanks and kind Eegards

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to be honest I'm not really sure at all - at this stage it's a quite a bit of trail and error! (hack and smash!)


This code scales and positions blender files exported, But won't work on any of the 3DS files that I take into blender and then export for Babylon - so something is being lost between 3ds and Blender!


Thanks for the link to 3ds Max exporter - 


any Blender experts out there can shed any light on this route?

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Anyone have any other methods I could try for scaling my export from Blender?


It turns out the 3DS files I have are exports from TurboCad, so it's all a bit complicated!


I installed 3DS MAX but the babylon exporter is crashing on 3DS open, so at the moment I can only go the blender route!


help please!

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Hi DeltaKosh,

I got the latest exporter for 3DSMAX, but still getting same assembly errors (for all 5 babylon files in the bin/assemblies folder)


2 of the error msgs are attached if that helps.


I'm using trial version of 2015 3DS MAx on 64bit Windows7



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Thanks ~DeltaKosh, you were right - all dll were blocked - those errors now gone but i have another error now - attached


Hey Gryff, - seems I'm not permitted to attach blender files here, can I email it to you or something?


yeah - I did mean .3ds file (I think originally from Turbocard)


thanks again for the help guys!


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