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I've made a couple of tutorials for creating adventure games using Tumult Hype


With each, I've screen captured the entire development process and I've linked to the playable version and downloadable source code through the GameJolt page.


I'd generally prefer to use open tools rather than a proprietary app, but I think the easy-of-use and simplicity of Hype is something we, as a community, should aim for in the development of open HTML5 tools like the Mighty Editor.


Looking forward to your feedback!

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Hi guys, just found this topic. Great tutorials and nice tool - Tumult Hype.


What about Mighty Editor? For sure features are missing, but there is ongoing work to fix that. For example tileset support and texture atlas will be finished soon. Can you suggest on simplicity? What should be done in the current stage to improve it?

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I'd like to get involved in improving the UX for Mighty Editor.  I'm a bit pressed for time at the moment, but as soon as I am able, I hope to contribute to the project now that it is open.


In terms of what we can borrow from Tumult Hype, I think a timeline interface and a scene manager would be great additions.


There is also a lot of 'prior art' in terms of Construct2 and GameMaker Studio that can be used as reference, or PlayCanvas, which has a good web editor for 3D games.

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