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Freelance game devs needed


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Hi all,


Due to a bit of a rush of work on at the moment I'm in need of some extra resource, specifically freelance game developers. My requirements:

  • Must code in JavaScript (sorry but things like Construct2 or GameMaker not allowed)
  • Must do this full-time, either a freelancer or running/part of a company. The work won't fit into a "I'll do it when I get home" role.
  • Must own an iOS and Android device (doesn't matter which ones), so you can test and debug across them both.

That's it. If you are interested then please email me ([email protected]) and include links to games you've made in the past (doesn't matter if those games were for yourself or other clients, but I need to see that you've released something and are capable of doing this).

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Ah, the rare times when I wish I didn't use GameMaker...

I started life with Game Maker then got into FreeBASIC, C and C++ now learnt PHP, CSS and XHTML. Really life isn't that difficult in other languages once you can use Game Maker including GML well. Real probem is graphics languages are not difficult if you are a programmer. I really love using FreeBASIC for stuffs, there are lot of game libraries but I an currently confused between FreeBASIC vs C++ vs Game Maker... FreeBASIC and C++ can make games on platform they support, C++ clearly wins there as there are even ports for GBA for C++ and SDL (?), though never tested. But really most of demand of games I can make (Nothing like GTA lol) is at online browser game or android/iOS so for now trying Game Maker. I never gave the usual ways to make HTML5 games, I think I must once give them a try. xD

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I'm a french freelance programmer. I have developed tons of websites and back-end systems since 2008.


I'm making HTML5 games since 2011.


I released two of them : 





I also made a HTML5 blackjack game for a client last year. It's not released yet.


websites and back-end systems development was great but now I'm looking forward to work in video games.


I'm all set for the Android / IOS debugging part.


I'm sending you an e-mail right now.

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