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Mesh.setVerticesData 1.12 signature


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Saw in 'what's new.md':

Mesh.setVerticesData signature is now: (kind, values, updatable) instead of (values, kind, updatable) in order to be consistent with Mesh.updateVerticesData



In my Towel of Babel, I was still doing it the old way.  No problem, I move a few lines of python code.  Was wondering though: might be even better if values was last.  When looking at the in-line .js with wrap turned off,  it would be a little nicer to be able to have the kind, and updateable on the left & values trail off to the right.


Not a big deal if causes issues.



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As a corollary,  is the version of Babylon callable in JS?  I might want to put in min version checking into the generated .js.  Might get old telling people over & over again "Your version of Babylon is too old", after they cannot get it to run & wasted lots of time debugging.

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looking around, I do not see any version. (1.13 please).  Have I check that should work.  Have not tried yet, but have put it in a python var since it needs to be put at every entry point:


    versionCheckCode = "\tif (typeof(scene.beforeCameraRender) != \"function\") {\n\t\tconsole.log('Babylon version too old');\n\t\treturn;\n\t}"


Any other suggestions?

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Are saying the parameter order is mandatory in 1.13 ?  If so, having a reported version is definitely required for 1.13. The syntax for the test would have to be something like this, since 1.12 had no version reporting:


if (typeof(scene.getVersion) === function  && scene.getVersion() >= 1.13)

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