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rendering to canvas id

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what Pixi do is just creating the canvas object for you.
if you want to use your own canvas you need to specify the canvas element while creating pixi renderer.

suppose you have this canvas in your html document


<canvas id="myCanvas"  width="400" height="400"></canvas> 


you can tell Pixi to use it by calling



var myView = document.getElementById('myCanvas');var renderer = PIXI.autoDetectRenderer(400, 400, myView); 

instead of


var renderer = PIXI.autoDetectRenderer(400, 400); 



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Hi I tried using image.thumb.png.0611b5467fc8580ae4d00a425a5be89b.png but not much of a success.


I am trying to create an html input box so that i can take user inputs as pixi.js doesn't provide one!

So i tried to create a canvas along withy pixi app but the canvas shifts the rest of the view of the app:


which was earlier something like this:


Please help!

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That's thread of 2013 year and very old pixiJS version.

If you searched some more time you could stumble across modern PixiJS docs: http://pixijs.download/dev/docs/PIXI.Renderer.html and "view" parameter. 

Please, before you do that again, read the docs and wiki: https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/wiki, and next time specify PixiJS version that you are using, and don't bump 5 year old threads.


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