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Project Template for Phaser games in Meteor


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Hey everyone,



inspired by Nokdu's post about Phaser with Meteor integration I decided to whip up my own little project skeleton and host it on Github


Here's a quick little FAQ:


Q: Does it run on Windows too?


A: Yes! Even though Meteorite is not supported under windows, you can emulate it's behavior. Instructions to do so are found in my README. With it, both Windows and *nix users shouid be able to build and deploy Phaser with Meteor.


Q: Why Meteor?


A: Meteor is its own grunt. It automagically bundles, minifies, serves and reloads your project. It has a plugin ecosystem from which Phaser and many other projects can be retrieved. It has support for different JavaScript, HTML and CSS dialects and comes with a reactive pub-sub mechanism that makes authentication, databases and frontend development easier.


Fair warning though, Meteor is still pre-1.0 and Windows support is lacking in some areas. Meteorite, the plugin manager, is not directly supported under Windows, although it can be emulated manually.


Q: What dependencies does your project have?


A: It uses the dependencies CoffeeScript, jQuery, Lo-Dash and PhaserIO. However, jQuery and Lo-Dash aren't used yet, so feel free to remove them if you don't want them.


Q: I have suggestions, improvements, criticisms.


A: Great! I'm always looking for ways to improve both myself and the projects I work on. Send me a message, a pull request, or even a request via RFC 1149.


For my closing remark, I'd like to point out that my Phaser structure was derived/inspired/stolen from the Advanced TypeScript Guide to Phaser. Many thanks for all of the great tutorials!

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Thanks to some browsing and help here in the forums, I've improved the layout of the project. I've also removed Underscore and replaced it with Lo-Dash.




I've also refined the README to elaborate a little more on the code and any setup necessary. I think it's much clearer now.


One problem I have is the setup necessary for PhaserIO. The process requires a git clone and then a git submodule update --init. I would like to make these steps unnecessary for Windows users, but I don't know how. I can't include PhaserIO because it would balloon my project into 200mb size and that's just not necessary until you clone and use it. Is there a way to automate that bar from using a script?

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