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Found 6 results

  1. Hi. We're working on a few HTML5 games. Maze Runners is absolutely a work in progress but I'm hoping to quickly improve it and get it sort of to beta by Saturday. It requires at least two players to test. Instructions: (Desktop only) Clicking play will put you in the lobby and a game will start if there's another player. Clicking the blue box on the Maze Runners panel will bring up an invite url to link to someone you want to test with. Thoughts and comments welcome! BIT ARCADE PS: Pretty much nothing else on the site works yet (pool etc are mostly dead links)
  2. I am an experienced developer with 10 years of experience. Now I have to develop system based on graph theory and category theory, allowing use in any environment any application complex semantic/semantic legal interaction. With this system i can spread rights as properties on graph structures and to maintain the integrity of any changes. It has now reached the state when I want to use it somewhere. Now we are working on using the system for fast and dynamic management of crm/cms/lms systems. The work is free for me and my friends. Ultimately, we hope to launch many services, games and apps and provide more than half of the functionality in the OpenSource. I want to create a game which would qualify the statement: Strategic (civ, eu4...) Tactic (construction, mining, buttle, minecraft, heroes of the storm...) Open world Generated in real-time environment map and combinations of elements (aka technology) Cross-platform and cross-browser Online Embedded systems to organize tasks and communications, management of teams and hierarchies of subordinates. and more... I know a huge amount of development. I am looking for anyone who would be interested in. I'm looking for those who would like to make the perfect modern, minimalist, material design of map generation, units.. I'm looking for those who would like to develop ideas and to create the mechanics. We are looking for friends for this undertaking. It's free. However, the participation has to some bonuses. I am willing to share all the technology I possess. I am ready to teach if need be.
  3. I am trying to figure out on how to use Pixi.js with Meteor but all I am getting in a black screen. Here is an example at Meteorpad: http://meteorpad.com/pad/F23Du5XsCKMw9ZrWa Can anyone please help with what might be wrong? Thanks
  4. Hey everyone, inspired by Nokdu's post about Phaser with Meteor integration I decided to whip up my own little project skeleton and host it on Github. Here's a quick little FAQ: Q: Does it run on Windows too? A: Yes! Even though Meteorite is not supported under windows, you can emulate it's behavior. Instructions to do so are found in my README. With it, both Windows and *nix users shouid be able to build and deploy Phaser with Meteor. Q: Why Meteor? A: Meteor is its own grunt. It automagically bundles, minifies, serves and reloads your project. It has a plugin ecosystem from which Phaser and many other projects can be retrieved. It has support for different JavaScript, HTML and CSS dialects and comes with a reactive pub-sub mechanism that makes authentication, databases and frontend development easier. Fair warning though, Meteor is still pre-1.0 and Windows support is lacking in some areas. Meteorite, the plugin manager, is not directly supported under Windows, although it can be emulated manually. Q: What dependencies does your project have? A: It uses the dependencies CoffeeScript, jQuery, Lo-Dash and PhaserIO. However, jQuery and Lo-Dash aren't used yet, so feel free to remove them if you don't want them. Q: I have suggestions, improvements, criticisms. A: Great! I'm always looking for ways to improve both myself and the projects I work on. Send me a message, a pull request, or even a request via RFC 1149. For my closing remark, I'd like to point out that my Phaser structure was derived/inspired/stolen from the Advanced TypeScript Guide to Phaser. Many thanks for all of the great tutorials!
  5. Hi, I wanted to use phaser in meteor following this guide http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/4886-how-to-use-phaser-with-meteor/ but I have a problem. when I create a meteor project and then run "meteor add phaserio" I get this: mrt add phaserio✓ phaserio tag: https://github.com/t...aser.git#v0.0.1 Done installing smart packages Stand back while Meteorite does its thing Done installing smart packages Ok, everything's ready. Here comes Meteor! => Errors while scanning packages: While building package `phaserio`:error: File not found: phaser/build/phaser.js /usr/lib/node_modules/meteorite/lib/command.js:41 throw "Command exited with " + code + "/" + signal; ^Command exited with 1/null can anybody help me, please?
  6. Hello all, Im just beginning with meteor and pixi but not getting anywhere very slowly. I've used foxdog studios pixijs package with meteor (from github), but my when trying the most basic bunny demo is having none of it. The canvas draws, but the pixi Content type for the bunny.png says Resource interpreted as text/html not png. the closest stackoverflow question I found 14184379 meteor resource interpreted as image but transferred as text/html metions template helpers but isnt the same. also why cant i copy and paste in here grrrr anyone have any ideas before I give up chris
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