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Custom material with shadows


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I'm using a custom material which is pretty similar to the ground material used in WorldMonger demo.

The problem is that I don't get a shadows on it. Well it's not a big surprise, because I'm overriding the _effect property of the base material.

The question is how can I get both my effect with a base material effect without copy-pasting the code from base material.

I mean how can I get shadows while using additional effects?

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If you want shadows in your own shader, you have to use the light.getShadowGenerator().getShadowMap() shadowMap


Then do like in this shader:


float computeShadow(vec4 vPositionFromLight, sampler2D shadowSampler, float darkness){	vec3 depth = vPositionFromLight.xyz / vPositionFromLight.w;	vec2 uv = 0.5 * depth.xy + vec2(0.5, 0.5);	if (uv.x < 0. || uv.x > 1.0 || uv.y < 0. || uv.y > 1.0)	{		return 1.0;	}	float shadow = unpack(texture2D(shadowSampler, uv));	if (depth.z > shadow)	{		return darkness;	}	return 1.;}
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Following this topic, I'm trying to get shadows in my custom shader, but can't manage to make it work.

I setup a shadowGenerator and add the mesh to the render list. It know it works ok because with a StandardMaterial I can see the shadows.


With my ShaderMaterial, I pass a mat4 lightMatrix0, a sampler2D shadowSampler0 and a vec3 shadowsInfo0 (I only want one light)


I feed this data in the next way:

customMaterial.setTexture("shadowSampler0", light.getShadowGenerator().getShadowMapForRendering());customMaterial.setMatrix("lightMatrix0", light.getShadowGenerator().getTransformMatrix());customMaterial.setVector3("shadowsInfo0", light.getShadowGenerator().getDarkness(), light.getShadowGenerator().getShadowMap().getSize().width, light.getShadowGenerator().bias);

With this uniforms I feed the computeShadow function, as in the default shader code.


I have tested lightMatrix0 and shadowsInfo0 have the correct values. But nothing is displaying. The returned value of computeShadow is always 1.0


Any idea on what am I missing? I have tried with .getShadowMapForRendering() and getShadowMap() and nothing works.


Any clue?

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