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How to get around CORS in Phaser when all assets are hosted on a CDN?

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I am just wondering if there are any resources on how to get a Phaser game to load properly when all assets are hosted on a CDN.


At this point all I've been able to find are crossOrigin and baseURL, and also bypassing the issues entirely by encoding the images in base64 as data.



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Hmmm, I cannot tell you about the server because the guy is gone. 


But I am sure this solved it and it had nothing to do with the server  (or atleast, we exhausted server options).

//load the preloader stuffthis.load.crossOrigin = "Anonymous";this.load.image("background", "blah/background.png");

OR If you are using chrome / canary for testing hit this extention to cancel out CORS.  If that does not work, then for sure it has to do with the server.

Note that I have no idea what any of it means, but our CORS issue is gone and that is good for me :P


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