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Licensing vs rev-share vs something else

Rudrabhoj Bhati

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What does Licensing your game to a portal means? Does it means you exclusively give it to that site and nobody else can be given that game, or you can still give many sites same game or both types of deals co-exist? If so, what is standard usual price for decent Indie games for exclusive and non exclusive licenses? What you think is generally more fruitful, one-off licensing your game to portals or rev-share (at 30/70)? And people like Admeen needs us to co-brand our games with there logo, does it mean you are de facto giving them exclusive license?


Sorry for too many newbie questions, I did try googling just to get more confused. :(

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Licensing can mean two things: exclusive or non-exclusive. HTML5 games are usually non-exclusive, but you'd need to make sure of that with your future sponsor / licensee. By non-exclusive means you can shop your game around to other licensees or self publish via ads or other means. Not all licensees require their brand displayed in the game, and not all licensees that require brandings within the game is asking for an exclusive license.

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its up to you what you charge for your games but in the interest of keeping the price reasonable for all of us just dont try to go under 500$. it also depends on the quality of your game and the development time you spend, usally 500-1000$ is acceptable.


it could also help to have a look at the company, i mean a starting company cant offer 1000$ while a well established ones could. and if they cant pay you the price you named, they will tell you how much they can actually spend.

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Here's a quote from my book:



Hope this helps!

Yes it does it VERY well! Thanks a lot. Also a note, I got into HTML5 reading your blog :)



I wish I could buy your book just NOW. but lol I have to wait until my credit card is made in about a month. Indian laws really sucks because in attempt to stop high corruption they ruin everything :S You can not pay anybody if you don't have credit card and making a CC is like winning a fort in middle ages. Any money you get on paypal is instantly being transfered to bank, ie you can't use even paypal funds. You can't make non domestic payment by Debit Card and useing Debit Card with paypal takes usually longer than to make a CC -_-

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