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How much do resolution impact performance?


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I have been making Html5 games so far with the resolution 480x320. I am thinking about going up to 640x427 though since I also make the same game for Flash and 480x320 is a bit small when not scaled up in a mobile device. I am wondering though how much this would effect performance? Anyone have an idea about this?

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I've experimented with a few different kinds of resolutions to try and find a decent balance between performance and looks.  


Assuming you want to just set one resolution (and not load assets specifically for different device resolutions) then you might want to base your decision around the kind of game you're making and the tools you'll be using to make it with.  


If you are using an efficient framework with minimal on screen action then you should be able to go up to 800 - 1000 px on your longest side without too much trouble even on average devices.


If you have a lot going on and not using a streamlined method of displaying assets then sticking to 480x320 might be a better bet


Bare in mind, the larger your resolution is - the larger your graphic assets and load time will be


there was a similar discussion last year here that might help too

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