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bu and bv properties in PickingInfo and IntersectionInfo


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Hello pretty community,


What are the bu and bv properties in BABYLON.PickingInfo and BABYLON.IntersectionInfo ?


I guess it's related to UV coordinates inside the picked mesh, but are these values relative to the whole object, to hit face, to UV maps of the object, other... ?


I tried to know more about them, but - ready for a ride in deep mystery? - if I console.log(pickResult.bu, pickResult.bv) in the picking demo, the values printed are quite strange : left bottom corner is (0,0), OK, left up corner is (0,1), OK, right bottom corner is (1,0), OK, great, it looks like classical UV coordinates, so right up corner will be (1, ...

... 0), whaaat ?!! (1,0) ?! Erm, let's pick everywhere to see... ew!, values are really strange in fact, no way finding any logic inside... Am I sick, or maybe it's my computer ?

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Mmm... that's very kind of you to add this function to help us understand bu/bv, unfortunatly I didn't get what the heck you're doing in it...  :lol: 

Sorry, my math knowledge is far behind me, I had a look at barycenter on wikipedia but this has not helped me so much to understand your code... :wacko:

Well, it's not a big deal, this question about bu/bv was just for my BJS general knowledge, I will just act as if I never need it :lol:

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