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RTS "The Few" released (after one year of development)


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Hey there


The game we've been working on (team of 3 people - designer, developer and music/sound/voice guy) for a little over a year has been finally released. 


It's not made with HTML5, so I'm not putting it in the Game showcase section - but I really wanted to show you that game (after one year in development I just want to show it to everybody;)


So - it's the RTS game about the Battle of Britain called "The Few". The player controls the whole RAF, create squadrons, train pilots and than fight (on the tactical screen) some epic air fights with incoming Luftwaffe squadrons.


The game has been released on Gamers Gate as well as few other stores.

We're selling it by ourselves via SellBox as well.


So - if you would like to check it out, comment, ask questions etc. - go ahead:)







Here's the trailer for it (btw. can you add the video to posts somehow?)



And finally - you can download the game from here:



Using the code HTML5 will give you 30% discount:)


And again - comments and questions about the game are welcome;)


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