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Found 9 results

  1. I created an app using PixiJS. I set height and width for the PIXI.Application. I added containers which are having the graphics relevant to my application. When I draw those graphics some of them are go beyond the boundary limit of the application. When I render the application it's totally fine. Only the application area get rendered without the graphics which drew beyond the boundary limit of the app. Though when I get an image from the application using the following code, the graphics which drew beyond the boundary limit of the application are also available in that image. this.pixiApp.renderer.plugins.extract.image(this.pixiApp.stage, 'image/jpge', 1) How can I download an image only containing the graphics which are available within the app boundary limit.
  2. Hi, I'm new to babylon environment, and stuck with a problem were i have to save/download latest scene from the render loop. i am using a custom 3D model exported from blender, the customization and texture implementations are works fine, but while saving/downloading the scene i can't find any texture or color which i added to the scene (i can see it in canvas but not in the serialized file). I'm using SceneSerializer.Serialize(scene); method for saving the scene, please help me to fix this issue. PS: I'm using babylon version 4.2.0 (npm package)
  3. Downloading MelonJS (mini) throws up error 800A0404. The case is similair with other versions. I've looked everywhere for a solution but can't find one! am i the first person to have this issue? How do i solve it? please?
  4. The melonJS team is pleased to announce that version 4.0.0 was released on November 28! You can read the original article and changelog on the melonJS blog: http://blog.melonjs.org/2016/11/melonjs-400.html Some highlights include a re-architecture of sprite handling to directly utilize 2D matrices for scaling and rotation, way better support for BitmapFont, and improvements to DebugPanel plugin performance with WebGL. Download the build and source code from the Github project page.
  5. Hello dear Forum, i have a Question regarding dynamic Asset Loading in Babylon.js. I was not able to find Information about this topic in the Documentation or the Forum (don´t slay me if I missed something ). So basically what I want to be able to achieve is: 1. User clicks a HTML-Button (for Example "Load Model") // Button should be outside of the Canvas if possible 2. Button calls Function with modelName as Parameter 3. Function checks if Model with modelName exists in some Kind of Library 4. If so, the Model gets Downloaded 5. Model gets rendered So, as far as i was able to find out, it is totally possible to pass Information from a HTML-Element to the Babylon Engine. But is it possible to download something at runtime (CORS is considered) that has never before been used inside the Project. The reason for this is that I want the Game to handle almost the whole "What shall i display?, Where shall i display it?, Which Components does the Object have" - Functionality dynamically without defining too much of it inside the Project. I hope I was able to give you an insight into what I want to achieve. Regards, Markus
  6. Hi, The last version of Phaser Editor is ready to download! This is a Release Candidate version (Phaser Editor RC 15.11). This time we are also releasing new great stuff: The website was reworked with a new look.We created a blog to keep you updated and write about the great features around Phaser Editor.In the blog you will find a quick start guide to help you with the main tasks. This guide includes 8 video demos.The subscription form was moved to a professional website so we can give you a better newsletter.This release is an evaluation product but with no expiration date, it just shows a warning message from time to time. For more details read the release notes. For the final release we are considering to open the source code under a MIT license. Enjoy Phaser Editor! Arian Fornaris
  7. Download Tons of Free Assets (Actors,BackGrounds,UIs) only for Making Games @ www.kpore.com
  8. Hey all, As I develop my games in html5, I often notice that browser games feel different than downloadable games. This is simply because of the nature of web browsers; they are not specifically meant to showcase games. Because of this, I often find even myself clicking on other tabs as I play my game; kinda going in and out of the gaming experience. I don't really want my game to be displayed in a normal browser window for these reasons. Is there any way that I can make my game downloadable and have a file that opens a window which only contains the canvas? Thanks!
  9. Hey there The game we've been working on (team of 3 people - designer, developer and music/sound/voice guy) for a little over a year has been finally released. It's not made with HTML5, so I'm not putting it in the Game showcase section - but I really wanted to show you that game (after one year in development I just want to show it to everybody;) So - it's the RTS game about the Battle of Britain called "The Few". The player controls the whole RAF, create squadrons, train pilots and than fight (on the tactical screen) some epic air fights with incoming Luftwaffe squadrons. The game has been released on Gamers Gate as well as few other stores. We're selling it by ourselves via SellBox as well. So - if you would like to check it out, comment, ask questions etc. - go ahead:) Here's the trailer for it (btw. can you add the video to posts somehow?) And finally - you can download the game from here: https://sellboxhq.com/l/A6md/TheFew-PC Using the code HTML5 will give you 30% discount:) And again - comments and questions about the game are welcome;)
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