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Could you help out with an HTML5 Game Devs newsletter?


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Hi all,


As we near 1000 members in this forum I have to say I'm really excited by this place! Every day I login and am pleased to see the new games going into the Showcase, people discussing money they've earned in the sponsor boards and great new libs to check out.


But I appreciate not everyone has time to check out forums, so I've been thinking it would be good to put together a small 'digest' style newsletter. Basically we collect  a handful of the new posts made on the forum and put them into a free email based newsletter. It could be a monthly newsletter, or maybe once every 2 weeks - it depends how many of you offer to help me :)


If you'd like to help then please leave a comment or drop me a line. I'm hoping there is a system (MailChimp?) we can use to make creating the actual newsletter as easy as possible for everyone involved. If you have a suggestion for the mail service to use then please tell me. I think the format of the newsletter should be like Status Code - a link with a bit of a description and for games probably a picture, and that's it. No massive long articles needed.





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