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what changed in convertCollisionObjects in 2.0.7 ? it's producing error "a is undefined" now


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this is the line that worked perfectly in 2.0.5

layerobjects_tiles = game.physics.p2.convertCollisionObjects(map,"objects");

now i get :


TypeError: a is undefined           phaser.js:65567


if i comment out this line my game works fine... (without the objects of course)

those objects are polyline objects created with tiled.


edit:  i tried to remove all the polylines from the layer "objects" and my game loads..  so what is wrond with tiled polylines in phaser 2.0.7 ???  a can place rectangles or circles without getting the error but those objects will never collide in phaser because they are not implemented..  :(


how do i fix that? 


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