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Problem with my Rubik's Cube groups


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I am trying to build a Rubik's Cube (see my attemps in BabylonJs playground http://www.babylonjs.com/playground/#EQ0SF).


Each little cube is a mesh on its own (UnitCube builder function), so I am trying to group temporary some of them into a single Mesh, in order to rotate the group, but it does not works (into methods 

  • clearGroupToRotate()
  • affectWholeCubeToRotatedGroup()
  • affectLayerToRotate()

of Rubik's cube class).


What workaround could you advise me ?



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Thank you for your answer.


Indeed, it is what I tried inside the two methods affectWholeCubeToRotatedGroup() and affectLayerToRotate() of the RubiksCube class :

  • the class holds a reference to a Mesh (groupToRotate, defined in line 185), which is responsible for holding a single group of UnitCube at one time,
  • when I want to "clear the group" : I simply define the property parent of the requested UnitCubes to null (line 232)
  • when I want to "assign a group" : I simply define the property parent of the requested UnitCubes to link to this groupToRotate (line 239)
  • and of course, when I want to rotate the group, I call the rotate() method on the groupToRotate (line 280).

But what happens, is that as soon the rotation should have taken place, the Rubik's Cube disappear from screen.



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