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Blender export / animation problem

Ridge Batty

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Hello again....


i tried to make a simple animation in Blender to understand how skeletons/bones work in Babylon... and of course, the bottom fell out.

it's just a drop dead simple bending cylinder with two bones and three key frames. i can't understand why it doesn't render correctly.




i believe it's just me and my lack of knowledge, but nevertheless, i need some guidance.


here's the animation: http://aeon3d.fi/test/anitest1.html

it's just a simple dual viewport scene, one camera set up at left and second cam at front of the model.


everything loads & works ok, no errors and such -- but the animation just looks substantially different than in the original blender file: http://aeon3d.fi/test/mdl/items/bend.blend


would be nice to know what's going on.

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