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IE9 access denied error while preloading local files


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UPDATE ON HOLD I FORGOT TO CHANGE THE PRELOADING PICTURE IN ANOTHER FILE. -> Another test run. But it seems I can't delete posts!?

Hi guys,


I have a huge problem with IE9 while I try to preload local files. Unfortunately I have only the minified error messages due our test setup.

phaser.min.js, Zeile 15 Zeichen 6683this._xhr.open("GET",b,!0),this._xhr.response...
I already tried to changed the preloading links from relative to absolute with no success, see my two tries below. The facejob function just generates the correct asset path to our Symfony web folder, so don't worry about that. The path is relative in the first and absolute in the second example.

game.load.image('pause', facejob.getWebPath()+''bundles/sparrunner/assets/pause.png');game.load.image('pause', "//"+self.location.host+facejob.getWebPath()+'bundles/sparrunner/assets/pause.png');
Any ideas how to work around this issue!?


Thank you very much,



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looks like you use  " to open and ' to close the string after the + in


game.load.image('pause', facejob.getWebPath()+''bundles/sparrunner/assets/pause.png');


try opening and closing the string with a ' .






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Hi oddskill,

that was just a typo. However I fixed the problem.


The issue was that in one class I copied the Google Webfont Example from the page which of course makes an cross domain access and so crashed IE9...


I totally forgot about that and assumed it safe being an official example. Always check twice ;-)

Thanks anyway.

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