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pixijs with meteorjs


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Hello all,

Im just beginning with meteor and pixi but not getting anywhere very slowly.

I've used foxdog studios pixijs package with meteor (from github), but my when trying the most basic bunny demo is having none of it.

The canvas draws, but the pixi Content type for the bunny.png says Resource interpreted as text/html not png.


the closest stackoverflow question I found 14184379 meteor resource interpreted as image but transferred as text/html metions template helpers but isnt the same.


also why cant i copy and paste in here grrrr

anyone have any ideas before I give up


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Yeah thats the one I used, i've sorted it now tho, Im a newb to the whole thing really Im doing a HND in web development and we hadn't covered any Javascript or things like this so I'm using it in my final project. (because as I found out i'm nuts)


I only just started using git too, but i'm getting the hang of it an inch at a time.


In the end I had a 'new' on one of the lines where I shouldn't, and I didn't need to add /public just the filename worked.


Im getting further than I got in .net C# with silverlight though so thats a bit of a bonus.

The developer who packaged it got back to me too.

Thanks for your help.

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