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Strange Body Behaviour


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Hey everyone I've got a strange issue with my game.

I'm using Phaser for the first time and I'm trying to recreate Space Invaders as a training. 

I'm now developing the killing of the aliens by the player.


On the world I've got a group containing other groups which are the rows of aliens.

Since I can't collide nested groups with self or other groups I made a collision between an array of Alien instances and a group of projectiles.


You can see all of my code here:



Unfortunately I find a strange behaviour while the alien rows moves (with the help of a time loop).

As you'll see in the video I'm linking below, before one row of aliens moves there's a fraction of second in which all of their bodies are in the left top corner and it's not just a debug render problem because if I shoot at that point I actually kill some alien.

Maybe it's a preUpdate issue? I just don't know .__.


Here the video:



I hope someone will be able to give me some suggestion on where to look to fix this.

Thank you in advance!



Interested lines could be 



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