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SpriteBatch vs DisplayObjectContainer


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SpriteBatches are always faster but those come with some trade offs.

SpriteBatches only can be 1 layer deep (no children), have no interactions, afaik no filters, the Sprites have to share a base texture, etc.

A DisplayObjectContainer has all pixi features but renders slower.


I don't really see why there is no interactions for SpriteBatches tho.

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It can be difficult to know when to use one over the other.

SpriteBatch is *usually* faster, but not always; it depends on your specific use.

I usually start with a DOC and then, if I feel I need to optimize, tinker around with an SB.

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Tints will not work with sprite batch, you have only position, rotation, alpha, and scaling. Anything else is not considered, which is where the speed boost comes from. It uses a much faster shader that forces batching and makes assumptions. The trade off being you don't get the fancy stuff.

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thank you xever,

I also started looking at the source code and I have now a better idea on when I should use it and when not.


my first question was because I wanted to use it in a particle emitter I'm making for pixi, but it use tinting a lot. so I'll just stay with DisplayObjectContainers for now :)

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You should still use SpriteBatches for your emitters, at least when it makes sense.

If the current animation is not tinting the particles, then use the SpriteBatch.

I haven't looked into the WebGL SpriteBatch code yet, but for the CanvasRenderer, it is absolutely possible to use SpriteBatch and tint together. You just have to copy the baseTexture frame to a new canvas, create a texture of it, and use that texture for your particle sprites. Whenever you change the tint, you just take the original baseTexture again, tint it, and overwrite your particle texture.

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I'll try that, but not sure if it'll make performance better.

as I already have some performance issues with tinting.


actually, the problem is that when I use tinting, I need a new tint each frame or so ! it's used to fade a particle color from a start color to an end color.

and all particles do not share the same tint at a given time.


even with DisplayObjectContainer, I forced no cache for tinting because it's useless and make things worst.


I maybe need another aproach for the color variation.

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